Monday, August 06, 2007

Request Thread, Character Galleries

faithmouse request thread


The faithmouse request thread is back and running at PoE. I try to turn out one to three requests a week on any subject; toking gratefully accepted but not required. Above is a toon I drew for PoEster NoCode featuring her husband and his beloved pet crab.

And now, a few post and link acknowledgements-

Yamo posts NoCode's crabtoon on oh yes. they. did. LiveJournal.

Thanks to Sonticus Santus / Catholic Audio for employing the Father Robert Altier sketch in their post of links to his Fundamentals of Catholicism audio series.

Rotten Tomatoes has the Greetings from Taji, Iraq toon from 2005 on a 'Soldier censored at YearlyKos convention' thread.

Thanks to meditations for adding our regularly updating cartoon as well as a number of previous cartoons on their toon page.

Iriss posts the Stop and Praise God toon to Christopher's MySpace page.

One Nation Under Blog picks up the picks up the most recent ACLU Ferret toon via the Stop The ACLU feed. Hollie's Hooligans and others (thanks to all) do the same.

Erica at her the calvaria sign MySpace page is using the neverborn / Eviction Notice cartoon as her background image.

Jampeejampa from brisbane, Australia has an older neverborn sketch as the background for her Thai hi5 page.

Yuki posts 2005's I'm Living It on's 'The Biggest Fundie' thread.

faithmouse cartoon characters, page one

faithmouse cartoon characters, page one

Hey, I finally found time to design character galleries! Eighteen characters are featured in the two pages above (click for larger). Taint & Fetus, Poot, Camy and Watchee, Garrison Squealor, The ACLU Ferret, Panda Rose, Dude, Hillary Chipmunk, Ruby Jewels and others refuse to sit together for a portrait, at least temporarily.

Lastly, Chris Ward (my wife, and the original faithmouse) will play her harp Tuesday afternoon at the private visitation of one of the victims of our local tragedy; the gal with the husband and young daughter, the one who normally didn't travel that way home from work.

Chris would rather I not mention this, but it's a blessing and a little awe-inspiring considering that Chris had planned to be on that road earlier in the day herself but decided to do something else.

Honey, forgive.

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