Wednesday, August 29, 2007

State Fair Miracle of Birth Center / It's Baby Human Day!

Miracle of Birth exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

A revised version of the cartoon posted on Thursday. Added a duck, altered a pig.  Etc.

Been negligent again posting link acknowledgement, but here's a few-
Thanks to Alan Keyes Renew America for posting a few recent cartoons.
Thanks to Leticia at her causa nostrae laetitiae (cause of our joy) for her Faithmouse's take on the Mother Teresa news post.

Thanks to Pookie18 who continues to add faithmouse cartoon to his regular Today's Toons thread at FreeRepublic, which are in turn re-posted on a number of fellow travelers such as this Yahoo CWF Conservative Womens Forum.

X Jorjé X posts the Faithmouse Family cartoon on her The Fragile2185 MySpace page.
Thanks to thanks Abbo McCracken on Grayson's MySpace page for posting the Ingmar Bergman memorial cartoon.
OnlyGodcanjudgeme at his hoopindogs17 MySpace page has the Neverborn / Bad Ass For Life toon.
Kaiserfam has the current Archbishop Nein cartoon on his Stumbleupon page.
Recent Stop The ACLU Ferret toons can be found on Browneyed_1984's LiveJournal via the Stop The ACLU feed.
The Otters Holding Hands For Christ toon can be found on Natasha's MySpace page.
Alex anthony posts the Gilberta O'StarMole spot illus on I'm Lisa!'s MySpace page.
The Buddy Democrat toon from last November resurfaces on this AZPunk 'Jesus Appreciation Thread'.
Thanks to Admiral Coeyman for adding the regularly updating cartoon to his my code page.
Seth Hoy Can't Lose has the Neverborn / Be My Valentine toon on his MySpace page.
Leo has this to say about faithmouse in a post regarding the Mininum Security cartoon-
"I have yet to find somebody acquainted with Stephanie McMillan's work, specifically her magnum opus comic strip, "Minimum Security", who doesn't hate her - most likely because no such person exists. She is the most easily despised figure in webcomics, with the possible exception of the guy who drew Faithmouse, but he's been cool since he snapped or something and started drawing half-aborted foetuses trailing by the umbilical cord out of the title-character's cooter".
No importa que se lleva, porque todo se quitara posts the Britney Spears / Faithmouse / GayBear toon to KLIC's MySpace page (adult content). Lots of MySpace posts lately.
A forum at the Spanish language has the Neverborn / Paris Hilton in Jail cartoon.
Rat****** (colorful adult descriptive) posts a link to a Ruby Jewels marquee toon in this Bannination forum.
Jeff Kouba includes faithmouse in his Around The MOB post at Truth Vs. The Machine.
Paul at Thoughts Of A Regular Guy links to an Alan Keyes toon in his Plan B post.
MN includes faithmouse in their list of conservative blogs.

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