Wednesday, September 12, 2007

J.J. McCullough's Filibuster Cartoons

J.J. McCullough Filibuster Cartoons
J.J. McCullough's Filibuster Cartoons

It's very humbling when J.J. McCullough thinks he needs to introduce himself to me-

Dear Dan, I've been an on-again off-again reader of Faithmouse for a while now. The other day I was taking a more thorough browse of your archives, to check out all the toons I missed. After having a thorough look, I just thought I should email you with some official words of praise.

I'm actually an editorial cartoonist myself. My name is J.J. and my site is I'm a Canadian Catholic, in fact I just got back from church! So let's just say I can appreciate your cartoons on two distinct levels. You are a very creative and talented person, and I hope you continue to share your gifts with the rest of us. Specifically, I hope you one day release a BOOK of your cartoons. I am sure it would be a hot-selling item!

Anyhow, just some words of praise. Keep up the great work-

Yours in Christ, J.J. McCullough

Oh wow, it's J.J. McCullough!

I've always thought your work was very sophisticated and insightful. I was feeling a bit depressed and lost today; thanks for making my day.

I don't know if you backtrack your referrers or not, but Pookie18 has been posting your stuff for the past few years in his Today's Toons compilations at FreeRepublic. You're pretty popular there.

Would it be okay if I give you a blogpost promoting your cartoon, and reproducing your email?

God bless you and Mr. Harper-

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