Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stop The ACLU Ferret / Birth of Taint

ACLU defends Abortion Industry in New Jersey Supreme Court reversal of Rose Acuna decision

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N.J. High Court: Doctors Need Not Tell Pregnant Patients 'Abortion Kills' - The Christian Post

The result of the New Jersey supreme court ruling cited in the cartoon above is that it's 'value-laden' and a 'non-medical moral judgment' to require a doctor to tell a patient that fetuses develop into human beings; that it would be a 'speech' to state what a woman must already understand, that abortion irrevocably ends a human life.

Faith's impulsive sister Taint becomes a little more than insulted here that the abortionist doesn't have the integrity to confess the obvious. She's getting an abortion, and he wants to pretend it could as well be a gallbladder. That's the game, and Taint hates games.

Let's imagine a similar medical situation-

Mother-"Doctor, I'm eight months pregnant. How's my baby?"

Doctor-"I have no idea if you have a baby in there or not, and I'm not required by law to give you that information."

Mother-"If it's not a baby, what is it?"

Doctor-"Beats me."

Only in a situation where someone is purposefully killing someone could it be legally verboten to be required to say what's actually going on. Medical personnel must tell you by law if they are sharing your dental x-rays with researchers developing tuna-flavored floss, but that the decision you're making this afternoon will halt a human life...why, what manner of anti-free-speech jackbooted thug are you?

Doctor-"Don't mind me, I'm just going to unplug your grandmother's clakkety-clak machine here."

Daughter- But, won't that kill her?"

Doctor-"Sorry, I'm not required to make those sort of value-laden judgments. I have my rights, you know!"

And so on.

I've read in a few forums (and it seems to be an unfortunate consensus) that a woman should already know what's happening when she has an abortion; she doesn't need to be reminded of the fact. In other words, a woman who needs to be told this must be dumb.

Woman-"Doctor, I'd like you to saw off my legs. Please don't tell me that I won't be able to walk."

Doctor-"But, you won't be able to walk."

Woman-"Got you, you value-laden bible-thumper!"

I have yet to see a study of any kind which shows that most women post-abortion don't suffer from depression and regret. And yet, the ACLU isn't championing the free speech rights of tobacco companies and demanding that they not be required to remind purchasers that smoking causes cancer-even though that must be obvious to all by now.

You tell me, unless of course you're an abortionist and not legally required to say.

Thanks to Young Dead Elms for the plug and post of a few days ago of my Shepherd Of The Snows pencil drawing.

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