Friday, February 29, 2008

Plank In The Eye

Timothy A. Bear receives a plank to the eye.

Another pencil/ink hybrid. If I had more time I would prefer to ink every cartoon. Faith is actually a tad larger than Timothy, but here I switched their respective dimensions for SUBTLE EFFECT. Trust me, he's smaller.

Christine asks-"Dan, Can you please tell me why you spend time doing an oil of a pro-abort like Obama?"

Absolutely. I thought I could sell it on Ebay and make a few bucks. As of this writing the painting has a high bid of one dollar.

Anon asks-"Are there no black evangelicals in existence?

Black Evangelicals Emerging as New Conservatives- Christian Post.

Polyticks ask- "Why the pancake on the bunny's head?"

And now, a list of recent post and link acknowledgements. Some require registration to view. Thanks to all!

Thanks to Mpls St Paul Magazine for recently including Faithmouse as a 'Best Blog.'

A thread at Silk Roads displays the Faithmouse/God Loves You This Much cartoon.

Neverborn gets a mention by a poster on the popular Comics Curmudgeon.

Cartoon Cheryl gives a thumbs-up to the recent Neverborn/Morrissey cartoon.

Harry Potter forums thinks the Neverborn/Bob Ross cartoon is scary but fun.

Neverborn/Paris Hilton are the background on .

Rants and Raves - Buddy Democrat.

Committed To Romney has the Huckafree cartoon, and is crossposted on a few additional Pro-Romney/Fie To Huckabee blogs.

Realm of Libby7 adds the Neverborn/Morrissey cartoon to her profile page. Gracias.

Dallas Hardcore displays a Faithmouse/Mitt Romney cartoon.

Run Ryder - Blogs4Life Neverborn/Hillbilly White Trash promo cartoon.

"Man, I wish Dan Lacey would get on some anti-psychotics long enough to get Faithmouse syndicated because that belongs in every paper" - The Exchange

Ed Shultz Show forum - a Faithmouse/John McCain cartoon from 2005.

Ffb-location-de (German)- Ganstas For Lyfe cartoon .....ich mag dich ... =)

WMTU-edu - You're One In Christ birthday cartoon.

Politico forum - Huckafree.

USA Mafia - Ganstas For Lyfe.

FunTrivia - Neverborn/Squirrels Gone Wild.

Boinaslava (Romanian) - Neverborn/Chaim Right To Exist cartoon in Hebrew.

Rachel Tamer/Facebook - Neverborn/Valentine's Day cartoon.

Now Public - Beijing Olympics protest cartoon.

Mrs. Welch MySpace - Faithmouse/God Loves You.

Samurai Of Legend - Personhood.

Goozen-No- Go - Original Beijing Olympics protest cartoon, Catholic emphasis.

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