Friday, April 25, 2008

Obama Waffle Painting Auction Goes Viral


One man's garbage, another man's online phenomenon - Scranton Times-Tribune

Front page story, Huffington Post-
The Huffington Post Obama waffle art
Obama's half eaten breakfast put up for sale on Ebay - Huffington Post

Sydney Morning Herald, smaller image on front page
Sydney Morning Herald Obama waffle art
Obama waffle mania on the web - Sydney Morning Herald

More popular than Corot and Picasso-
popular affordable Ebay art auction and gallery

The Guardian-
Chris Muir's Dairy - The Guardian U.K.

Your campaign is what you eat - Seriously Guys

Ten wacky thing you can buy on Ebay today - Hub Pages

Four more days to go on the 'Memories of Barack Obama's Breakfast' auction.

A portrait of John Paul II will close today; I'm conducting a few last minute refinements to the image and will post it here later this afternoon, as well as a new portrait of the Dalai Lama.

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