Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oil Paintings In Progress

custom miniature oil painting gallery
My art gallery.

From top left- Obama, sealpoint kitty, dead scrubjay (for a scientist who studies such) dried roses, Obama, YouTube video sensation the dramatic prairie dog (for an SA goon) earth, kitler ( a cat who looks like Hitler,) Nascar driver Danica Patrick, Oprah (referred in the last cartoon), the Dalai Lama, Mr. T., fetus holding doctor's finger during surgery, Obama, and lastly, a newborn baby holding their mother's hand-all in progress.

For those who note that I'm painting Obama A LOT; he's simply the hottest political portrait subject since JFK. So far I've painted Hillary twice and each time her portrait has auctioned for a buck. You can admire and support someone without wishing to look at their face all the live-long day.

A round of Republican subjects is on the docket, including a portrait of John McCain as a prisoner of war, Ronald Reagan sporting a cowboy hat, and a very happy George W. Bush. If they don't move it's back to Obama, Obama, Obama. Voting currently taking place on Ebay.

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