Monday, June 09, 2008

A Big Brown Horse Art Painting

I have a new Big Brown painting currently on auction on Ebay.  The auction ends on Friday, April 10.

New Big Brown Painting - Ebay Art Auction.

Big Brown loses Belmont stakes

A miniature oil portrait of a big brown horse, similar to the one who recently lost his bid to become the first horse racing triple crown winner in thirty years. Better luck next time.

This painting was actually part of a previously posted larger canvas which also didn't turn out as planned. However, I was able to save this section of the painting, which in my biased opinion makes for a pretty nice miniature. The color and depth is more impressive than pictured here.

Yes, this is the Big Brown, but there are lots of big brown horses in this world. This could be almost any of them.

I have my hands full painting at Canterbury on the weekends, so my current modus is to post most of the miniatures on Sunday or Tuesday for either a five or seven day auction culminating on Sunday. Some of these paintings do end up selling for one dollar, which works out for me because I try to make a certain average for all paintings sold.

Happy bidding!

Big Brown racing horse artwork - Ebay Art Auction

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