Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Oil Portrait Of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain With Pancakes On His Head

a miniature oil portrait of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain with a pancake on his head

A miniature oil portrait of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain with a pancake on his head.

John McCain political bunny rabbit pancake art portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Wouldn't have happened if he had worn a pancake on his head-

McCain gets scrape after run-in with auto rooftop - Contra Costa Times

An incomplete collection of recent links to Faithmouse and posts of my paintings and cartoons by fans on various blogs and sites-

Gigposters - Portrait of John McCain with a pancake on his head

The Den of Ridiculousness - Republican candidate with flapjack on noggin (registration required)

Refugee Camp - Oolong pancake bunny (registration required)

Gaming Gutter - Neverborn St. Patricks' Day 'Snakes' cartoon

The Vote Nation - Blessed Mother Teresa painting - 'Long Live Albania' thread

Crumbalina1000 YouTube page - 'Gangsters For Life' used as background image

Sodahead poll - John McCain Muppet

Aaronbook - Pope John Paul II Artwork

Kreuzgang - Pope Benedict II Italy World Cup celebration cartoon

Slappyto - Image of hare with breakfast items perched on cranium

Grey Horizon - Rabbit balances flapjacks on browline (registration required)

I phone in Canada - Bugs Bunny sports fancy syrup-vehicle headpiece

Net Warriors - Jonathan the zombie kid 'I like turtles'

bRi MySpace page (private) - Joy

Tivo Community - I like turtles

Phantom Babies - Power of Christ

Perfspot Christina Smith - Neverborn Bad Ass For Life

Gopachy - Faithmouse Anti-Gay Marriage cartoon

Qube TV - Faithmouse Anti-Gay Marriage cartoon

Ar15 - Barack Obama Muppet fine art

Corvette Forum - James Cameron / Dude cartoon

Doggy Dog 76 YouTube - Bad Ass For Life cartoon, used as background

Where's George - Faithmouse at Culver's restaurant sketch

Infusion Mafia - Ganstas For Lyfe

Audi World - Neverborn 'Squirrels Gone Wild'

sarahSPACEFACE MySpace - Faithmouse 'Mitt Romney is a Mormon, Mormon, Mormon!'

Corvette Forum - Democrat Barack Obama painting

Digg Pet Animals thread - I like turtles (linked by 'Religion Is Bad')

HTGC2 - Coney Dons Griddlecakes image (registration required)

Interesantes pensamientos de Heidi (Chaotic Mum)- thanks to this local Minnesota blogger for the add

Hu and Jinyan' spirit page - Beijing Olymics Logo protest cartoon

Trapped Within - Baby In Womb picture

TV Tropes - 'I am not making this up' add to webcomics listing

Yahoo Blog 360 - 2008 Summer Olympics Logo

Underground Gamer - ACLU 'You Are Not My Father' Darth Vader George Washington toon

imdb - John McMuppet painting

The Writing On The Wall - Faithmouse, Vatican Kitty, George Bush, Pope Benedict XVI 'Popester' cartoon

Yahoo Answers - Mother Teresa painting chosen as Happiest Image On Earth

Legend Mag - John McCain POW picture

Starr Ann Chronicles - Eight Belles Horse Art

Shadows And Dust - 'I have found the greatest art...'

Gopachy - 'Liberals Are Made Of Cancer' cartoon

Sodahead - Poot spot

Miguel Diocuore's Cerrco Townhall blog - Mitt Romney cartoon

Sassy Chic - link to Pyscheout's 'Faithmouse Friday' thread

DeBlondePerle Jappy - Neverborn 'Personhood' pro-life cartoon

Guest_Special Girl Love - 'Hoodlums For Living' cartoon

Atomic Kim - Pope Benedict XVI

Watt Flyer - long eared rodent loves slapjacks hat

Danny 24 MySpace - Barack Obama painting posted alongside John Lennon photos

rafay khan Tagged page - mature fetus in vitro picture

goozen-no-goo - China Games picture

Wide Awakes - The Doors 'The End' Hillary Clinton cartoon

wee teeth MySpace - Happy Birthday

and others.....

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