Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Colors Of The Spew Video

Oh, hello. You know, a little oil goes a long way in helping pancakes not to stick to the griddle-

-but that same oil doesn’t help much of anything if you excrete it by the truckload into the Gulf of Mexico.

Greetings, I’m Dan Lacey, The Painter Of Pancakes.

Long after their mysterious demise, dinosaurs continue to extract a merciless revenge against the rightful inheritors of the planet earth, first by providing the lubricant for earthquakes, and now by expelling the syrup of their dead into the swimming hole of the living.

As fast as we are able to unearth and destroy this evil resource, brave enterprises such as British Petroleum discover secret sewers of the stuff, and now our worst fears are manifest.

As are many in the artistic community, I’m profoundly concerned about what this catastrophe might mean for me. Now I offer you, not jut an amazing work of art, but a plan; one which could transform our fragile coastal waterways into kaleidoscopes of color and wonder. If you are blue about the goo, then perhaps my artwork may be of some assistance.

This original 6 by 9 inch oil over acrylic painting on actual sheet canvas shows the plume of oil from the Deepwater Horizon accident if it were tinted with a variety of fabulous industrial strength dyes and with a pancake on its head. What was formerly a spew of lingering destruction now becomes a beautiful experience which promises to delight our fragile low lying coastal wetlands and beaches for decades to come. This is a Jackson Pollack painted from the bottom up, by Mother Nature herself, with a little help from Sherwin Williams.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this special collectible created just for you, the winning bidder. To the unsuccessful art collector may I say that I deeply appreciate your efforts, and that your special treasure awaits just around the bend.

This is Dan Lacey, wishing you good art, and good pancakes.

The Colors Of The Spew - Ebay Art Auction