Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Orly Taitz 'The Naked Truth' Revealed, #2

Orly Taitz puppetmaster revealed painting, two

The time has arrived to reveal the identity of the puppetmaster behind my paintings of Orly Taitz giving birth to delicious pancakes.  By Friday, all shall be known.

Thanks to Jon Tevlin for today's Star Tribune column-

Life flips up and down for 'The Painter of Pancakes' - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Unfortunately I didn't make my Kickstarter goal for funding the show, so no posters, programs, newer large canvases, etc. The show on Sunday will be paid for mainly through my auctions of Michael Jackson paintings (Thanks, MJ.) It will feature a number of new Orly paintings, including the painting above and a reproduction of the nortorious birther pancake, but the majority of the show will be comprised of framed reproductions on canvas of past pancakes, including a very healthy dose of Minnesota-themed paintings.  You will be able to purchase the actual exhibits at the show for $20 each.

However, you are still able to purchase a 'donation of chance' for $2.37, which will enter you in the drawing to win the puppetmaster Orly painting.  Donations will also be accepted at the show itself, which will be held from 11 AM to 3 PM at Storefront In A Box on Lyndale Ave. in Minneapolis on July the 4th.  Drawing will be at 2.37 conducted by Mr. Dusty Trice. 

I cannot at this time confirm the rumour that Orly herself will be attending the show...