Monday, December 05, 2011

Obama Unicorn Nativity Painting

A new Barack Obama & Penelope the Unicorn painting, celebrating this most special season. This unique piece of art also features Baby Jesus in a manger, who is visibly overwhelmed by the unexpected display of reverence.

This original painting is certain to become a family heirloom for the lucky bidder; unpacked with reverence each holiday season and displayed in a position of honor.

The original of this painting was recently auctioned on Ebay; however-I've made the image available as $20 canvas art print.  Free shipping and a matching refrigerator magnet are included in your order-

Obama Unicorn Nativity Print - Ebay Art Buy-It-Now

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Christmas Unicorn painting #1

This is my second painting in as many years in the theme of Barack Obama, unicorns, and Christmas.  Last year I posted this painting, which was based upon a childhood memory of when my father, drunk on PM brand liquor and having trouble untangling the Christmas tree lights, decided to stomp them to death instead.

Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Christmas Unicorn painting

The painting above was purchased by a fellow in Argentina.
This painting is in Argentina.


  1. very cool sight, love the work done hope more people see this. thanks. check out my blogs plz

  2. I LOVE this painting!!! Please oh please oh please may I link to it in my blog, ? I was looking for something festive yet reverent, and this painting blew my mind. It says all the things I couldn't about the holiday season. --Peace and love, Liquorstore Bear

  3. Thanks, LSB, and please do.