Saturday, December 10, 2011

Doctor Ron Paul Golden Pancake Portrait

Just discovered that the display image, originally posted using bloggeroid, came up AWOL on my Ron Paul Golden Pancake portrait post from earlier this year. It was one of my better pancakes, and not just that but I also neglected to include the painting in my 2011- The Year In Pancakes compilation, an oversight since corrected. With the addition of 'The Paul' and the recent painting of Claire Smyth's taxidermy fox pancake, the 2011 year in review now totals 64 paintings. Mostly of these paintings are of news figures, but a few are of not-quite-as-famous friends and commissions, a handful are cats with pancakes on their heads, and some do not feature pancakes at all but other food products.  Let's say I'm not always in a pancake mood.  A rework of Kenny Hotz's pancake portrait from a few months ago will be included shortly.

Ron Paul Golden Pancake portrait

The original portrait was spoken for, but I've placed a print of 'The Paul' up on Ebay for anyone who may be interested in a last-moment Christmas present.  The prints are $20 on canvas and include a handsome refrigerator magnet of a past painting.  I have a number of select prints listed on Ebay ( and a few originals as well ) but any of my former paintings are available as a canvas art print.

Ron Paul Golden Pancake Portrait - Ebay Art Print

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