Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Christian Cartoon Called Faithmouse / If You Keep Shoving Things Up Your Ass, What Room Does That Leave For God?

My long-running Christian Faithmouse cartoon, on-and-offline since 2000, returns. This first cartoon is called 'If You Keep Shoving Things Up Your Ass, What Room Does That Leave For God?'

faithmouse returns

Click cartoon above for larger image.  Largest.

This is the first new Faithmouse cartoon I've drawn in a number of years and marks the relaunch of the feature, which I'll update every few days.  I'm making both prints of selected cartoons and the original artwork for the cartoon available on Ebay. If can't find a specific cartoon or painting there you are welcome to order it from me directly.  All 8 by 10 prints are $20, and include free shipping and a complimentary refrigerator magnet featuring a past painting.

faithmouse original artwork

Faithmouse Original Art - Ebay Art Auction


  1. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Re: "If you keep shoving things up your ass what room does it leave for god?"

    So my ass is the place where god lives?

  2. SteveAsat5:42 AM

    Yay! I have missed Faith and company a lot. I love the little details, like the cross in her eyebrow - which evidently was there even in the preliminary sketch.

  3. I'm not sure why Faithmouse is attacking an activity that is common among both straight and gay couples here.

    Especially since this comic seems intended to refer exclusively to gay men.