Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three New Male Nude Paintings, Two Revised

Three new male nude paintings.  Two were painted a few days ago and recently revised-

male nude legs

A painting of a nude with legs in the air.  Sort of an oil wash feel to this one.

Male Nudes Legs Air - Ebay Art Auction

male nude weight abstract

With weights.

Male Nude Weight Abstract - Ebay Art Auction

nude gold copper sock

A little hard to photograph the painting above because of the iridescence-

male nude painting in window

A little better view. All of the paintings above are 8 by 10 oil and/or acrylics on a sheet of canvas.  They can be easily framed in any photo ready frame, only with the glass removed and perhaps an extra piece of backing cardboard to keep the painting held firmly in place.

Nude Gold Copper Sock - Ebay Art Auction

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