Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Conservatives In Tears / A Portrait Of Victoria Jackson Crying And With A Crying Pancake Upon Her Head, Ebay Best Offer

The first in a new series of paintings which I'm calling 'Conservatives In Tears.'  This portrait features former SNL alum and wandering Christian Conservative comedian Victoria Jackson in tears following President Barack Obama's decisive reelection victory.  The pancake is also in tears. The fox stole is unable to be in tears.

Victoria Jackson tears pancake portrait

This is a 16 by 20 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas, stapled on the back and painted black around the edge, so it is suitable for display with or without a frame. The 'grey' areas in the painting are areas of iridescent silver.

crying pancake and a large blue hair bow

The painting is mailed in a sturdy handmade container, which is currently composed of recycled plastic election yard signs.

I'm listing this painting for $200 or best offer on Ebay.

Conservatives In Tears Series / Victoria Jackson Crying Pancake Portrait - Ebay Art Best Offer

Thanks to Yahoo News Canada for the recent sideshow regarding my paintings-

Yahoo News Canada

Thanks again to Blouin ArtInfo for incorporating my recent Mitt Romney / Barack Obama Horse, Unicorn, & Bayonet painting in yesterday's Jackson Pollock Endorses Obama, And Other Hypothetical Votes From Art History Heavies.

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