Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Happy US Presidential Election Day 2012 / A Portrait Painting Of The Beautiful Mitt Romney As Pre-Scratch Troll Aranea Serket #2, Ebay Art Auction

For US election day 2012, a portrait of GOP Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as Homestuck's Aranea Serket. This is my second painting of Mitt as the lovely Aranea.

Mitt Romney, Official White House Portrait

I started this painting at the same time as the previous Mitt/Aranea. I also have a second Obama/Meenah which needs a little more work before posting. I'd like to work Taint into that second version, if possible.

Mitt Romney Homestuck Aranea Serket Fan Art - Ebay

Thanks to Flavorwire for their The High Art of Mitt Romney post, which includes eight of my previous Mitt's, including the first Mitt Serket.

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