Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kenny Loggins Jesus Christ Jehovah's Witness Handout Easter Eggs Painting

My second painting on printed material this week; a painting of Jesus Christ as the dyer of Easter eggs with Oolong The Bunny as God the Father supplying additional painting materials.  Painted on a handout that a Jehovah's Witness recently brought to my door.

Kenny Loggins Jesus dyed for all

This is the same handout that was used to create the 'Kenny Loggins' Jesus, originator unknown.

Jesus Dyed For Your Sins Easter Handout - Ebay Art Auction


  1. "One Man DYED for us all"???? Groan, groan, groan...

  2. Anonymous4:10 AM

    It sounds like a play on words. Actually kinda truthfully brilliant. Try & find ANY sisignificance in ANY of the symbols used in Easter holiday decor etc. That makes any sense r is in anyway condussive in the REALpoint of EASTER & basically it looks like a joke like this .... what does Jesus dying for us have to do with any of the crazy stuff we do during that day? To me its one more knotch in the witnesses belts for exposing it the way it is .... laughable actually ....