Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Judge StarMole wins one for George Bush

Although I shall always wear the shame of miscalculating Minnesota for Bush2004 (alongside the good company of Powerline and Karl Rove) I'm willing to put forth the premise that, without the help of of Judge StarMole, John Kerry would currently be President elect.
On February 4th of this year, Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall and three other judges of the state's Supreme Judicial Court put forth an earthshaking ruling which contained this statement-

"For no rational reason the marriage laws of the Commonwealth discriminate against a defined class; no amount of tinkering with language will eradicate that stain."

Last spring, our fearful Minnesota liberal Borg prevented a definition of Marriage amendment from going before the voters. Democratic lawmakers knew that such an amendment would act like a magnet to draw Christian voters regardless of party affiliation to the polls. If their efforts to limit free speech had been unsuccessful, Minnesota might today be the 12th state to resounding add an amendment to it's State constitution defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.
Without the issue of Gay marriage, George Bush might not have been able to solidify and expand upon his base. The wreath of morality might have been more easily worn by John Kerry, preaching a deceptive message of anti-war against the enemies of our own nation and a war against poverty and the creators of wealth here in our own.

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