Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Curt shilling

Yes, it's true. After years of selfless altruism the faithmouse site will soon be engaged in curt shilling; I may even post a link to the new haberdashery on this blog as well. The first faithmouse book (an anthology of 2004 cartoons) is also in the works. I've even discovered that this blog is newly listed as a share on a fantasy blogsharing site. The current value of the share is $0, but, if my financial instincts prove correct the price is likely to double before year's end. My advice-get in on the ground floor now, a task best accomplished through a window.
What has doubled over the course of the past two months are visitors to the cartoon site. This is delightful news, however, jpeg and gifs images are far more expensive to display in mass quantities than piddling buckets of text, therefore because I fancy myself clever I am inventing a way to pay for the ever increasing bandwidth. Hence, a store. My product comes highly recommended by me; it's clean and positive, it fights a good fight in a way I hope is entertaining to those outside of it's base demographic (which is anything but base.)

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