Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ramblings for Wednesday, Nov 24

I spend a lot of time researching stories on the internet (in other words, just poking around), staying abreast on the news and starting and abandoning cartoons I have the good sense never to post on the cartoon web site. I'm amazed by both the richness of the material to be had and the fact that so few cartoonists cover the same ground I'm happy to tread. If faith-the purpose and motivation of most of human life-is mentioned at all, you can bet hands down it will be in a disparaging if not outright bigoted manner. This is why the cartoon site grows steadily in popularity and support. It's not outrageous for a cartoon to be centered around faith in God, in fact, faithmouse occupies the great American middle ground. However, I'm resigned to have the cartoon categorized by some as a sort of crazed though obscure icon of the vast right wing conspiracy, seeing that the word of mouth of my outrageousness (huh?) contributes to raised page rankings and helps to bring new fans to the site. As a cartoon still searching for print distribution, faithmouse can use all the friends it can get.

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