Saturday, December 04, 2004

Comments from the week of November 28, 2004

Ramblings for Friday-
Today's cartoon promotes spiritual love for Christ, which easily trumps the carnal. Radical lifestyle oriented activism places the actual person second to their stated sexual preference; there is no respect in a militant universe for the homosexual who consciously turns his back upon what he perceives to be his own nature and follows a calling which supersedes the temporal. This intolerant posture allows the monsterous Fraud Fits' (and his Boptist Church of Bunnies) of today to operate with 'seeming' moral approval. Most homosexuals dedicated to the church are there because God calls them to a lifestyle of selflessness and sacrifice - this cartoon is for them.

Ramblings for Thursday-
A preview of Friday's new Gaybear cartoon (I know, promised two weeks ago..) is posted.

I just realized one can stretch an empty table in order to fill a vacuum rather than just typing a bracketed P over and over again. I'm a genius!

Greetings to our many visitors from Polipundit.I've traded a few emails over the past year or so with Vincent Newstead at Religion Related Injuries, a respectful although adamant critic of this cartoon and far more so of the philosophy behind it. Today's cartoon springs from a recent e-conversation. American history is a fine musical instrument and it's maestros are our saints. Looking at the cartoon again this morning I wish I had added rich wood grain to the column instead of red and blue, so, I'll put it on the block for a rework. I'll mosey around to it sometime over the weekend.

Ramblings for Wednesday-
A hearty welcome to visitors discovering faithmouse courtesy of Men's News Daily. Today's cartoon references the controversy concerning the fifth grade teacher at Stevens Creek Elementary School in Cupertino, California who's been forbidden to teach to students not only from the Declaration of Independence but from documents such as George Washington's journal, John Adams' diary, Samuel Adams "The Rights of the Colonists" (great beer, by the way) and William Penn's "The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania." My observation is this-how can some reconcile the competing arguments that (a) America does not have a Judeo-Christian foundation, against (b) our founding documents need to be suppressed because of their Judeo-Christian foundation? Reuters News story -Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School

A few posts old and new have been added to the emails I've been displaying for the past few weeks. The list has grown a bit long, so I'll be relocating the lot of them to the blog soon. Timothy has changed this week, and now Faithmouse herself will be 'macro-evolving'; a bit of this transformation can be cleaved from today's toon.

Ramblings for Monday-
The Reverend Martin Luther King cartoon is completed and posted as today's cartoon. This is in response to the continuation of racist attacks in the form of cartoons and commentaries which have greeted black politicians over the course of the past decade. History is slowly forgetting that the man who's name is synonymous with the Civil Rights movement found his strength through Christ. 'Reverend', his earned title, is rarely associated with his memory. We remember Gandhi as a Hindu, but not Martin Luther King as a minister. This cartoon was my answer to the dearth of responses in my medium to the rash of attacks upon a very capable civil servant.

Ramblings for Saturday-
Timothy A. Bear (teddy bear) appears in today's toon in his true colors; a ragtag assortment of secondhand textile patterns. Wishy-washy Christian that he is, he still has trouble believing the obvious, that he was made by a creator, and he is his handiwork. Faithmouse topped 200 affiliates with the Spare Change link added yesterday, with roughly half hosting the actual updating cartoon. Thanks guys!

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