Friday, December 24, 2004

I write the Reverend Jackson

Dear Rainbow/Push Coalition,
Regarding the Reverend Jackson's recent comments-
"In the last budget, we cut housing again, and that was Jesus' dilemma. In Bethlehem, his family ended up homeless," Jackson told MSNBC's Campbell Brown. "Rome was a wealthy country that left Jesus and Mary and Joseph, in a sense, homeless," he complained. "He was born an at-risk baby."
No baby was born more 'at risk' than Christ, but His state wasn't due to a lack of governmental assistance. It was because man's sinful nature necessitated atonement.
Also, Jesus wasn't homeless, either 'in a sense' or 'not in a sense.' His parents couldn't find a hotel room. The holy family was on the road because of a census forced upon them for the purpose of tax collection.
I'm sure the Reverend will be supporting the coming overhaul of the tax system to spare current families similar unwanted burdens.

Merry Christmas!
Dan Lacey
New Market Township, Minnesota

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