Sunday, December 26, 2004

Comments from the week of Dec 19, 2004

Ramblings for Wednesday-
Today's cartoon is a portion of a much larger piece I've been developing on and off for the past few years which I call 'The Shepherd of the Snows.' I've begun the process of scanning the drawing -it's so large it needs to be scanned in 10 segments, and I have a legal size scanbed, which says something about how carried away I got. I'll present the rest of the drawing in the weeks to come.

As an appendix to yesterday's cartoon; on Tuesday Chris and I were fortunate enough to meet the great, great, great, great (not sure about the number of greats) grandson of Charles Dickens, who performed an excellent one-man enactment of 'A Christmas Carol' at the St. Paul Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota.

'To Dan and his faithmouse, Gerald Charles Dickens'

Following the show, Mr. Dickens was kind enough to sign my copy of his great great great (you get the idea) Grandfather's book 'The Life of Our Lord' with the following inscription-'To Dan & his faithmouse, Gerald Charles Dickens.' Not only that, but he drew a pretty nifty mouse as well.
A new character ducked his head into yesterday's cartoon; his name is Ferret Nietzsche.

Ramblings for Monday-

A great presentation of the operations in Fallujah from Techniguy's site. You'll need powerpoint and patience (large download) but very informative. I learned about this by way of the Hope4America Yahoo group I belong to. Hi, Mary!

Ramblings for Sunday-
Previous posts from the past week have been relocated as has been our recent vice to the blog.
I'm happy to retort that Men's News Daily has returned to form after a two day hijacking by Brazilian anti-war hooligans or vandals posing as such.

One of my recent cartoons is posted on this eloquent and thoughtful thread.

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