Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Toon 5/04/05

I have a huge collection of People magazines, purloined from my wife and kept with the intent of using them as a photo resource when I launch into an extended Hollywood skewering. My finger has laid on that trigger for quite a long time now. I think the problem is a natural declination to dwell over people and situations which are unpleasant. Knowing that so many of these celebrities are smug vandals of the American family makes the thought of dedicating hours to capturing their likeness a repulsive task. I would rather blacktop my driveway at the height of mosquito season then spend another rotten afternoon staring at pictures of Bill Maher. The spiritual payoff is pretty much zero.
The current People magazine is the '50 Most Beautiful' issue, which today's cartoon uses as graphic inspiration. God and man's ideas of beauty are certainly in conflict with one another, although by way of sacrifice and selflessness and great cost many succeed in bridging that gap by dressing themselves fully in Christ.

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