Thursday, May 12, 2005

Toon 5/12/05

This image came to me immediately upon waking as have my last few cartoons, a byproduct I believe of nearly cutting off one's foot with a lawnmower. Thanks, Lord! This cartoon is meant to say something regarding how Christians feel about Christ's sacrifice. Every person giving their all for the benefit of others shares in His sacrifice as well, no matter whether they are a soldier defending freedom overseas or a volunteer at home. Thanks to you all.

Speaking of soldiers; I received a nice email from Lance Cpl. Ethan Forsythe USMC, who draws the excellent Listening to 11.975 mhz. Ethan's very capable manga gives the reader the impression it can go anywhere, do anything, much like Deco on her broomstick. Lance Corporal Forsythe is engaged in a continuous storyline as of late, but his past cartoons (viewable at the link on his site) possess a similar sense of movement while incorporating a strong Dadaist vocabulary.
Readers wary of pop culture's all too common anti-Christian references shouldn't misinterpret Ethan's free use of similar references as evidence of eventual cartoon apostasy. The Star Wars saga, Lord of The Rings and The Wizard of Oz are all Christian-friendly tales sans crosses and crucifixes, but replenish with magic, witches, and intelligent creatures from other planets-also sans cross and crucifixes. We shouldn't judge too hastily, lest we are willing to surrender the most easily recognizable examples of Christ disguised.

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