Thursday, June 16, 2005

Catholic quiz for pilgrims to Germany

In order to keep out riff-raff from the Balkans, Germany has created a quiz for incoming pilgrims to the World Youth Conference in Cologne, Pope Benedict XVI's first trip abroad.

1. Who were the first people?
2. How and when did Jesus die?
3. In the story of the Creation, what did God create on the seventh day?
4. As a result of the sin committed by Adam and Eve, in what condition do we now live?
5. How many kinds of sin are there? Name them
6. Who is the father of Jesus Christ?
7. Who sentenced Jesus to death?
8. Who were the sons of Adam and Eve?
9. How many sacraments are there? Name them
10. Name the seven deadly sins.
11. Who betrayed Jesus to the Pharisees?
12. Where does Jesus sit in Heaven?
13. Name the three divine virtues.
14. How long did Jesus stay on Earth after his resurrection?

Answers can be found at the World Times Online.

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