Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Toon 6/22/05 and mailbag

The updated and final version. Possibly.

We knew Randor as a 10 year old, jumping high on our trampoline at our lake cabin in Minnesota. He reached more altitude than most of the neighborhood kids. In fact, he still reaches new heights as a mature Christian man, father, and warrior. Your photo of Randy and his son Zak is especially touching. He was raised as an honest, God-fearing young man along with his siblings. His parents were and still are, our best of friends. They can be justly proud of the family they raised. "Randors" faith, ethics and dedication come as no surprise to those of us who watched him grow.
We enjoy your website, your cutting sense of humor, and message of faith. We have chuckled over your cartoons, filled with tongue in cheek messages for everyone. Gentle ribbing will likely get your points across. May you
have all the continued success, and Gods blessing on you all. -Art & Julie

I wanted to know if it is okay to print any of your cartoons in our
church newsletter? I ran across them and thought they were great. -Debbra

Do you realize that Schiavo's autopsy revealed that she was blind and had a brain half the size of an ordinary human being?
Since she was blind and had an abnormally small brain, she couldn't respond to visible stimuli or interact with anything.
Furthermore, religion is garbage as well as the tool of fascist war-mongers (bush) and fundamentalists neo-nazis (falwell and phelps).

Thanks again to you and your vast media empire for your support. I am truly humbled and there are tears in my eyes as I write this. I am amazed and overwhelmed at times by the love and support of the many Americans that give unselfishly to others.
I took the opportunity to write to Steve and thank him for his assistance in getting the word out as well.
You all are the best. -Respects,Randy

I'm flattered. I expected you'd be offended by my last correspondence and probably wouldn't want to speak with me again. As far as Hannity and Colmes, I'd prefer to be Hannity... he's better looking and gets better publishing deals.
Just as a note on your last blog post, though... I didn't discover your website through Portal of Evil. Actually I discovered Portal of Evil through your website... but I only went there once and didn't like it. I may be an atheist but that doesn't mean I enjoy wallowing in negativity. You've managed to keep up a good attitude in the face of it. I hope you always continue to do so.
I discovered Faithmouse from a link on while collecting points of view on the Passion of the Christ media-generated pseudo-controversy. You were running your Passion series at the time. I reviewed a few different conservative Christian comic strips but found yours to be the only one of artistic merit... plus it was interesting so I continued to follow it. I figure... why would I expose myself only to points of view I expect to agree with? -Salut, Vincent

Oh wow! It's Dan Lacey, the author of FaithMouse! I'm honored, I'm a great fan of your work. It's really surreal and confusing, I like that.
Blessed be, live long and prosper and what not. -Occidental Martyr, in response to a Live Journal forum post

Thanks for the outstanding cartoon. It fits perfectly with what we've posted today about Terri. -Stephen Stone at Renew America

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