Sunday, June 05, 2005

Summertime, and the blogging is easy

Like most bloggers with a leg in the real world and a modicum of sanity, I've spent more time outdoors than in as of late. Therefore blogging has been pretty darn light. The lawnmower accident has left me with as residue of tingly nerves below my ankle, which isn't incapacitating but I suspect may be with me for as long as I own the foot. My teeth no longer have vents and I don't have too much paunch around my midsection; I've killed all the dandelions in the lawn and all my grapes came back after a very dry winter, so life is good. Now it's just a matter of cloning myself in order to create more cartoons (I've decided to temporarily ignore the moral implications.) At least the world can expect a squadron of your's trulies not to toss loaded diapers or the contents of ashtrays from car windows. I'm not a litterer.
I've drawn more political cartoons as of late, which makes me appreciate full time political cartoonists and their constant quest for a likeness. My background as a portrait artist helps, but it's tough work really. Adding an anthropomorphic Howard Dean or John Kerry to a cartoon increases it's drawing time significantly. A badly drawn tree can be excused by the viewer as a stylistic device, but a badly drawn George Bush has no place to hide (poor George!) Even the Society of Bush Bashing Cartoon Characters wouldn't accept a mangled Bush.
Speaking of cartoonists, I'll soon be adding links to two fans of the cartoon from the east (much farther than Newark.) Neither are conservative or Christian cartoonists, and one in fact has received multiple awards from (forgive me) Amnesty International for his cartooning. I'm apreciative that the cartoon is being recognized as an activist piece even by those far outside of it's frame of reference, although the combined theme of religious liberty and virtuous mice is I believe a universal one. I need to retweak the homepage in order to display these new links, but the results should be posted shortly.
Oh, and if you haven't seen the new link on the cartoon site, please check out our new weekly Catholic cartoon at Ann's Catacombers I'm going to try to take this cartoon in a different direction, which should make for some entertaining viewing and good fodder for our friends at Portal of Evil.

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