Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Madonna Warns Us Of The Beast Which Is Herself

When I noticed a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie I had previously posted to the blog newly hotlinked on a music site as part of their response to a story on Drudge, I decided to replace the anonymous photo with a toon which could serve as an ad for my site. Fair is fair, and it is my bandwidth. The resulting image frightens even me.

Madonna's commentary regarding the evils of the material world precede the release of her new single, album, and film. The snippet I've heard of her single sounds a bit like Abba's Lay Your Love On Me, preceded by a 'sample' of Gimmie Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight and may very well climb quickly to the top of the disco charts, providing her former entourage doesn't glare her down with the evil eye in response to her recent 'conservative' comments and continued embrace of pseudo-Jewish mysticism. There isn't enough red string in the world to protect her if the Gay 90's decide they want their baby shower gifts back.

Madonna in her holiness preaches the common misperception that most priests are Gay; indeed perhaps the religious Madonna hangs with are Gay, but such factless pronouncements are just par-for-the-course empiricism on her part, continuing unabated and encouraged by her immersion in a Hollywood money cult, a most profit blessed incarnation of the ever redefinable Kabbalah.

The cartoon says (I think) that the beast Madonna warns us about is herself, or at least half herself. The other half is represented by the nun's habit she wore to a Kabbalah costume party while Pope John Paul II struggled against death (she hubby dressed as the Pontiff himself). I didn't have the heart to further defile a crucifix by picturing the one she wore around her neck, so I replaced it with what seems to best represent her true faith.

Thanks to Chilli at the 522 for posting the recent 'troubling but necessary' Bill Bennett toon. Freddan in this Dutch? forum posted the Moneygrubber paper doll; Uncle Sam's Kid added a few Neverborn toons to this Military.com forum; and Curt Dalaba has given the toon a plug on his Commonplace blog. Mystery posts can be located somewhere at Flamehaus and The Nation Of Political Conservatives.

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