Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Would Wellstone Do?

Here's a preview of a toon in progress, inspired by a What Would Wellstone Do? bumpersticker Chris and I recently spied outside Punch pizza in St. Paul. This should succeed at being a much cheerier cartoon than today's post, although the actual Bird Flu virus would succeed at being cheerier. Trust me, the Vatican Kitty cartoon I have in the works is a hoot.

For those not hailing from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone was the very liberal Senator who perished in a small plane crash, along with his wife, a daughter, and five others, shortly before the 2002 election. Organizers of his memorial service didn't accept the Vice President of the United States offer to attend, which was just as well, as the televised memorial devolved into a partisan and divisive Democratic campaign rally which many believe assisted in the strong Republican election victories the following month.

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