Sunday, October 16, 2005

Today's Show

Today's cartoon has a little fun with the very funny Today Show canoeing faux pax, which was led on-air by a teaser about the Administrations 'staged' Iraq Q&A (since this wasn't a quiz, it was fair to let the soldiers know what the questions were going to be beforehand). If you happen to be a news savvy blogging conservative you should get the canoeing reference; if your perspective is more spiritually oriented the toon becomes Christian commentary. If you're a mod Christian conservative, the toon can be viewed as Katie Couric Descending a Staircase; you can read within it references to both past (the infamous 'Matthew Shepard' Christian bashing commentary) and present fraudities. Otherwise it's just an amusing cartoon about that Jesus fellow who walked on water.
It's pretty rare for me to draw cartoons with horizontal panels, but as this one worked well (and quickly) I may try it again soon.
On Friday I posted a version of the Michael Newdow commentary I've been poking at for the past few weeks. It's a fairly involved image featuring six regular characters in addition to the featured antagonist (Faith, Ms. StarMole, Professor Ferret, Swoopy, Timothy A. Bear and Blackbear), and includes a tasteful though nearly nude Faith in the last panel.

An apology here to Snopes for not returning as of yet to their thread. One of the reasons I'm hesitant to post comments on other sites is that I know my expositions can generate twelve more questions about the cartoon. Hey, it's hard to find the time to wander off and post in the first place. Over the next few weeks I'll try to turn out a few 'simpler' cartoons in order to get back on track showcasing the interpersonal dynamics between the characters, which might free up a little time to post on a few more boards. I need to remind myself that you can say just as much by displaying a knowing look between two parishioners, versus drawing an entire congregation, which sometimes just for the sake of illustration I'm tempted to do.

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