Friday, November 18, 2005

A Distant Thunder, In Progress #3

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A Distant Thunder

I'm sailing this off to the affiliates in two acts: today as the almost completed cartoon, and tomorrow as the final toon following a few additions.

Thanks to Roxanne Palmer, editoral cartoonist for Brown University's Brown Daily Herald for the encouraging email and link on her Oh, Fishsticks! Roxanne is a talented toonist with an elegant style (I like this one regarding States' Rights). Editorial cartoonists belong to an exclusive tribe all politics notwithstanding, so I'm flattered by the kind thoughts and the link and will certainly return the favor.

This forum at Into the Wardrobe::A C.S. Lewis Site has a discussion regarding the Narnia/Penguin toon from a few days ago. Indian Forever at his Xanga site has posted the J/F toon from last week. Yes, we're still suffering old hippies' revenge after teeing off on John Lennon and burning all those Beatles records back in 1966.

Oh, and by the way John...

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