Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Distant Thunder

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A Distant Thunder

Director and writer Jonathan Flora contacted me a month or so ago by way of Steven Stone at Renew America; the result is the illustration above. Mr. Flora is a well known Hollywood director and producer. A Distant Thunder, staring his wife Deborah Flora, is his own personal project.

Besides making for a riveting 35 minute short, ADT is also a memorable presentation of the medical facts surrounding partial birth abortion.

One of the aspects I admire about Mr. Flora's film is his depiction of a life that wasn't lived, at least not here on earth. God is kind, no matter what the naysayers may claim, and is good to every soul. If heaven is good far beyond what man can imagine, then we can imagine that God gives every life the fulfillment He had originally intended.

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Tuesday's cartoon featuring the newly introduced Chaplain Catodanno has already been posted at Stop The ACLU. I'm grateful that Jay kept the hotlink so I could update the image. The final version will be the subject of tomorrow's post.

Army brat Rmebrat has posted Randor's toon with a hearty recommendation at her Stumble Upon site. Mystery poster at the Cyber TLC (the girl group) forum has presented the Neverborn stamp toon (God bless Left Eye). Alexa from Singapore at her Birth Story has posted the illustration above.

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