Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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Sorry this took so long to complete. My wife has this odd idea that I should do things with her on Thanksgiving. I actually do have a Thanksgiving Day toon in progess, which I'll continue to plod away on and of course finish after the holiday is over. It should still be nice to look at over the weekend.

Thanks to Homeschooler Patricia and her Patricia's Polywog Creek Porch for picking up a Neverborn toon as a sidebar graphic and linking to the site. By osmosis the same toon found it's way to Mama Bug's site as well. Toy Doll selects the Canadian Mounties as her heroes.

The Paper Doll Muses Yahoo Group has posted a link to the paper doll series from last year. Really cool to have the characters on a paper doll site. Shane at The High Places has posted a link to a previous toon along with the observation that it strikes a bit too close to home.

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