Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't Be A Schmuckabee...Vote For Huckabee!

A wishy-washy teddybear, a faithful mouse, a Catholic gaybear and the soul of an aborted child scat for Mike Huckabee
Faithmouse and friends scat for Mike Huckabee.

I've been a proud Freeper for years and as critical of Mr. Huckabee as anyone else... but I've become sympathetic to the Governor of Arkansas in reaction to the increasingly snarky attacks upon his faith from many within his own 'compassionate' party.

Look-if you don't like Huck because he's been weak fiscally or doesn't have foreign policy experience (neither did Reagan or Clinton), that's fair. Attacking the guy because he wears his faith up front and solely because of his faith, even though he's governed secularly...if fellow wing-nuts succeed at wounding Huck just to keep Mr. Christian social conservative from upsetting the power cart, I suspect evangelicals who helped push Bush over the top in 2004 will walk in 2008, myself included. Perhaps the Republican Party does deserve to get creamed this year as impetus for rediscovering its soul.

John McCain is currently in first place in the national polls and he's King Of The RINOs. If you compare the destructive power these two men have wreaked upon individual liberty, Mike Huckabee comes in a far second, yet he's receiving many times the criticism McCain deserves. If Huckabee is guilty of anything it is for being pragmatic while governing a very blue state. Stories regarding what Mike Huckabee's son once did to a dog are signs of the desperation of Republican careerists who wish to purge the platform of any serious commitment to values, as if this could be escapable for any political party. Not only that, but the argument against raising millions to improve roads and schools in Arkansas while we're spending billions for the same in Iraq and Afghanistan simply won't cut it, not this year. Hillary and Obama are leading in the national polls for exactly this reason.

So for what it is worth I've turned Huckabee. Freaked out fellow conservatives who suspect he'll turn Carter on us can mitigate the Huck Effect by electing congress persons and reps who'll keep him from selling Little Rock to the Saudis or constructing a chunnel to Brownsville, Texas. Not that I don't agree he may try.

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