Friday, January 11, 2008

Ronald Reagan Never Knew Ye

Ronald Reagan cartoon

...Ye workers of iniquity...

A Ronald Reagan cartoon, in progress.

We continue to do great in Google search results in our current 2008 games logo saturation project. One of two blogs join daily; thanks to all those who are participating. It's eight months to the opening ceremony in August, but we've established position and the search terms we've targeted will only received more and more traffic as the year progresses.

Here are the current rankings; they vary a little depending upon whether you're searching in safe mode or not. If deneutered the relevant search terms to avoid an unintended listing-

2008 Be***** Oly****s Logo/image search-#9
text search - #9

Bei**** Oly**** Logo/image search-#31
text search - #5

Oly**ic Logo/text-#14 Hell On Earth
#15 Faithmouse
#91 Scarlett Crusader

Remember that ranking are very fluid and change often; I've seen listing pop from #4 to #50 and then back again within a single day.

Anyway, great job team!

Blogs4Brownback - Faithmouse Friday.

Free Republic - Beijing Olympic Logo.

...kaj la hundo iris kun ili... - Neverborn/Huckabee.

Trawka - Neverborn/Bad Ass For Life.

GovTeen - Ruby Jewels Crossing Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pakkotoisoto (Finnish) - Robin Williams cartoon.

ScratchLive - Two Neverborn Bump Your Rump For Life cartoons.

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