Tuesday, January 01, 2008


all about Mike Huckabee

All about Mike Huckabee.
Jimmy Carter is a Baptist Christian as well. How soon we forget.

Thanks kindly to A Shot In The Dark for the 2007 Shootie Award-

The “Howard Dean” Trophy For Leaving Liberals Screaming and Sputtering: Every year for the last, oh, two years or so, the City Pages - the occasionally brilliant but always reliably hip-”counterculture”-lefty local “alternative” freebie ‘zine - gives two “Best Blog” awards. The “Best Liberal Blog” is generally stridently, constantly political (”MNVolved”, I think, in ‘06, although it didn’t survive much beyond the award, and “Clucking Stool” in ‘07); the “Best Conservative Blog” has been the one that talks the least about politics. In ‘06 it was Nihilist in Golf Pants, and the award seems to have gutted the spirit of the once-prolific stalwarts. But in ‘07, the “award” went to Dan Lacey of “Faithmouse”. Perhaps trying to avoid the City Pages “Best New Band” jinx (the “winners” inevitably break up) Lacey turned around and sold the “award” on EBay. It drew sputtering from the usual assortment of left-leaning waxy yellow blogbuildup, but who cared? The quietest blog smackdown of the year, it was also by far the best.

I promise, Mitch, never to sell my priceless Shootie on Ebay.

Mutlu Yhlar Ug- Neverborn/Bob Ross.

Kat4ever73, Other People, Susie's LiveJournal - Happy New Christ!

Cartoon Blues - Happy New Christ!

Gangster Paradise - Ganstas For Lyfe.

BLNK::Certified Qu3en:: - Ganstas For Lyfe.

(I've corned the market on pro-life Gangster baby images).

Waffle On - Happy New Year Portal of Evil/ Gerald Ford mask

Political Groove - Ruby Jewels cartoon.

NorthwestTechno - 2007 New Year/No Underwear cartoon.

SpizzSurfer - Same.

XPeople (Italian) - Santa Claus is Catholic.

Mother Teresa Cathoic oil portrait

Mother Teresa oil portrait, in progress. Click above for larger image.

Now, back to the art studio...

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