Friday, November 07, 2008

Lucy The Bulldog With A Pancake On Her Head

Lucy the bulldog with a pancake on her head

A 20 by 24 inch oil painting of Lucy the Bulldog with a pancake on her head.

videographer Nathalie Gage with Lucy

Painted for The Painter Of Pancakes videographer Nathalie Gage. Thanks, Nath!

Working on a half dozen new pancake portraits which I plan to post in the late morning. Included will be a new Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel with bagel and lox on his head.

Discovered a number of new posts of my paintings during the past day, which included a mention on Newsweek. Palin pancake Painter of Pancakes post Biden and Palin pancakes Obama portrait Palin pancakes Obama victory pie Obama victory pie Barack Obama pancake head Obama victory pie Barack Obama portrait Obama victory pie Pancake collection John McPancake Heath Ledger as The Joker Barack Omuppet Joe Biden pancake Obama White House Palin pancakes