Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Number Of My Paintings Of Michelle Obama With And Without Pancakes On Her Head

Please enjoy this collection of a number of my paintings of Michelle Obama with and without pancakes on her head.  Questionable material is linked and not displayed because this is a pancake friendly blog.

Michelle Obama with a pancake on her head
  Michelle Obama, with a pancake on her head.

Michelle Obama grin
Michelle Obama, without a pancake on her head. Perhaps.

Michelle and Barack enjoying a nude visit to Broadway atop a unicorn.

Michelle Obama and James Brown double portrait
Michelle Obama, enjoying blueberry pancake syrup with the late James Brown.

Michelle Obama nude with a pink dolphin, ala Josephine Baker. And pancakes.

Michelle messy pancake
Michelle with a messy pancake on her head.

Michelle Obama fashion pancake
Michelle with a fashionable pancake on her head.

Michelle observes Baracks' footlong subway sandwich.

Michelle Obama with Katy Perry hair and hostess cupcakes

Michelle Obama With Katy Perry Hair And A Hostess Cupcake Bra.

You can order any of these paintings as 8 by 10 inch art prints on canvas for $20 each, shipping included.

Dan Lacey Art Prints

Thanks to the Christian Science Monitor for the mention in their 2009 article As Google apologizes, bizarre Michelle Obama pictures abound online.

You can find a number of my original art paintings for sale and auction on eBay.

Thank you.

Updated March 2013