Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bea Arthur Nude Painting Art Auction

My painting of the late Maude and Golden Girls star Bea Arthur suggestively naked and sheltering two pancakes in the general vicinity of her breasts. This  painting makes reference to the LGBT Ali Forney youth residency shelter to which Bea regularly donated.  The center was destroyed last year by Hurricane Sandy and is currently located in Harlem.  In the original publicity photo of Bea which I referenced for this painting she wore a blouse with white and blue featherish trim; in this image the feathers could be water, or energy, or angel wings. Or perhaps they are feathers.

Bea Arthur nude painting art auction

I understand that a similarly nude painting of Bea Arthur recently auctioned for 2 million dollars, but that portrayal was inferior to my version as it did not have pancakes. As a courtesy, I would be happy to paint pancakes into the 2 million dollar topless Christie's auction Bea for the benefit of the anonymous purchaser.

Bea Arthur Nude Painting Art Auction - Ebay

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