Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama Unicorn Secret Coca Cola Recipe Painting, Ebay Art Auction

A new painting in my continuing President Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn series; a painting of President Obama nude and asleep on Penelope The Unicorn who attempts to flee with a copy of the secret Coca Cola recipe currently up for auction on Ebay while pursued by classic representatives of the Coca Cola company-

  ebay secret coca cola recipe auction painting

This portrayal of President Barack Obama, the most recent image in my continuing series of paintings of the United States Democratic Party President riding nude upon a unicorn, utilizes a current Ebay auction of a previously secret Coca-Cola soft drink recipe to reference his current investigative tribulations.  Obama rides nude and asleep, clutching close to his face ( his persona ) an original bottle of Coca-Cola ( his integrity ) which is open but not consumed.  Obama is both upon and within Penelope, his body doubling for the digestive track of the transparent unicorn. At the mouth of the beast there is a suggested but surreal means of the scandal having initiated into The Presidential System; this track of entrance must be imagined. The Unknown Resolution ( evacuation) is represented by one of Obama's thighs extending off of the edge of the canvas as a convulsed spastic colon.    Penelope The Unicorn holds the questioned truth in her teeth and flees in over reactive panic from the very presence of classic advertising representations of the Coca-Cola company.  Santa is distinguished and wears a hat which is long and probing. He is being trampled.  The Polar Bear gains first taste with his smooty black tongue.  The face of Penelope is raw and anatomical, as if in the process of dissection.  Rush Limbaugh is the face of a jowled and smoldering moon.

Secret Coca Cola Recipe Obama Nude Unicorn Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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