Friday, May 31, 2013

Jodi Arias Art Not For Sale

By request from a collector and therefore not available for sale, my Jodi Arias art.  Murder defendant, fellow amateur artist, and HLN network star Jodi is pictured upside down in a courtroom in the company of a pancake. The pancake is innocent; I can't stress this point enough.

Because this is a family friendly blog, Jodi's bits have been covered even though they promote recycling.  You will need to click through to see the uncensored artwork-

Jodi Arias art artwork

Larger NSFW version - Jodi Arias Art

I've hesitated, after painting a number of morally questionable women such as Meg Whitman and Casey Anthony, to continue to depict additional 'bad girls' with delicious pancakes.  Pancakes have enough on their plate to have to counter the additional burden of unfair association.  The magnanimity of the amazing pancake can of course shirk off such branding without any overt effort, and you would think that the public as primary collector of truth would readily buy the willingness of the pancake to casually refute such disassociation as merit of a naturally innocent nature.  But no.  Therefore I've made the conscious decision to step back and allow the classic moll pancake meme to chill out for a bit. The request above breaks that peace.

I'm planning additional Jodi art, now that her public trial and travail has been granted a second life These pieces will be posted for auction and/or for direct purchase on Ebay.  

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