Sunday, January 02, 2005

Comments from the week of Dec 26, 2004

Ramblings for Friday-
At five A.M. my wife heard me yelling 'No, no, no!' and assumed I was talking to the cat. Actually, I was speaking to the mouse. Jesus saves, but Dan did not. Today's cartoon therefore is a redo of yesterday's cartoon. It's a much better version, trust me.

Ramblings for Tuesday-
Today's cartoon is the third try at the Religious Liberties' amendment cartoon. I've deleted the previous versions and substituted today's toon for those already hot linked on various sites. The faithmouse cartoon has a new friend at ConservativePosts and a future friend at Idiotopia. A new cartoon will still be posted for later today, although I haven't decided if it should be about lower suicide rates among the religious or tsunamis.

Ramblings for Monday-
A new cartoon is on it's way for this morning. I'd like to thank Mitchell and Judith Hadley of the Twin Cities, who posted a very nice 'thumbs up' for the cartoon on their Our Word and Welcome To It blog. Lime is a bright and positive new link courtesy of Pastor Anne in Norway.
The unfailingly loyal Stacy at e-involved has blessed the site with the present of a typepad blog, which I'm incorporating as a new and improved method of displaying recent archived cartoons.

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