Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Among wolves

I received this email this morning from Joseph Ward, creator of Among Wolves...

Hey Dan,
How's it going?
I was wondering why you have links on your site to dissenters, like Demented Christians on the Internet. Doesn't that counteract your inclination to tell things from only one point of view?

This is what I emailed to Joe-

Well...I've been trying to be friendly to everyone, even people who don't like the cartoon. It's always been my opinion that truth is a highly defensible position.
It just so happens thought that I was awake until 6:30 this morning modifying the site in preparation for a re-submission to a number of search engines. I've been trying as of late to reach out to a broader audience, including international visitors who can't read English and who aren't aware of American politics, so I'll take your email as a spirit led confirmation that it's time to remove the 'dissenters' page. That means I can also remove my warning that some of the links aren't child friendly. I suppose I should be doing everything I can to make the cartoon as child and family friendly as possible.
People who google 'faithmouse' will still be able to find these sites. Hopefully some of these fellows who don't like the cartoon will continue to visit and, over the long term, they may change their very negative opinions regarding Christianity.

'Among Wolves' looks great as always!
God bless,

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