Thursday, March 10, 2005

Living with pain

Last night I planted myself in front of the television with a few unfinished cartoons (bad idea usually) when I happened to catch Franciscan Friar of the Renewal Father Benedict Groeschel on EWTN discussing one of his most intimate subjects-pain.
I can't remember ever having seen a cartoon addressing the subject of living with pain. I know a few people who do live with pain, and I myself have a condition which, while not usually painful, is a daily irritation, much like 'Dull' and 'Sharp' in today's toon.
I was inspired by Father Groeschel's advice that while we may not be able to make pain go away, we can affirm that it is we who are in the driver's seat and not it. We don't need to allow pain to dictate our lives.
I thought that was practical and honest advice.
Color version forthcoming.

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