Friday, March 18, 2005

Toon 3/18/05 Terri Schiavo

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I regularly view your cartoons, as they are listed in the cartoon gallery on, but today's brought me to tears. I have been so disturbed by the Terri Shiavo case, and pray that Congress is able to help her soon. I have a cousin in a very similar state as Terri, a beautiful young girl who was badly injured in a car accident. She too, breathes on her own, as Terri does. After lots of hard work, she is now able to do basic signs to communicate and makes noises to express her joy, or sadness. The thought of someone forcing her parents to stop feeding her, even though her eyes are as big and bright as Terri's, horrifies me.
Thank you for the cartoon, and the comforting fact that we as a Christian community are behind Terri. -emailer Beau

Thank you, Beau. I haven't received much feedback on that cartoon and I began to wonder if I made it too difficult to understand. I'm happy you saw the point, which was that even a starving child from a third world country would possess enough empathy to offer whatever food he or she had to a helpless Terri Schiavo. It's a blessing that you emailed me with that confirmation (I'm working on a new Terri Schiavo 'toon' at the moment by the way, which I hope to have online in a few hours.)
Cases such as that of your cousin versus that of the under reported number of newborns being euthanized in Holland are demarcation lines in the fight for life being waged in the developed world, of which some elements now brazenly declare 'we've decided your unfortunate situation is an inconvenience to us-we're too practical to be burdened with your long term care.' Unending sacrifice for others, the very heart of the Christian message, is the antithesis of a society which views itself in servitude to a doctrine of the 'survival of the fittest.'
On the Terri Schiavo front, the good news seems to be that Congress will be having a special session tomorrow just for her, and that the President is returning to Washington to sign the legislation which they will enact. So, there's good reason to believe she'll get her feeding tube back in a day or two.
Again, thanks for encouraging email. It means a lot!
God bless,

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