Monday, March 14, 2005

Kingdom on Earth

Here it is-
"You're here in my apartment for some reason," she told him, saying he might be destined to be caught and to spread the word of God to fellow prisoners.

He eventually put down the guns police say he took when he overwhelmed sheriff's deputies, putting them on the floor and later under a bed.

When morning came, Nichols was "overwhelmed" when Smith made him pancakes, she said. They watched television news reports about the slaying and the manhunt for Nichols.

"I cannot believe that's me on there," Smith quoted Nichols as saying.

And then he gave up.
No one else was hurt. No one else died. It was an ending no one expected; no one except someone who had incorporated God as their reference point and who had demonstrated compassion towards a kidnapper who had infamously killed four people less than twentyfour hours previous.
God doesn't get anymore awesome than that.

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