Wednesday, April 20, 2005

4/20/05 Toon Completed

If you compare this version with the previous image posted below, you can see I ran into a problem with the appearance of Pope Benedict XVI, who's power tiller just wouldn't fit into the space I had allotted. The solution was to find an alternative way to position Ms. StarMole. My solution was to 'chop' the top left hand side of the second panel to the shape of Ms. StarMole's chair, and position her accordingly. I balanced the thought (and the panel) by similarly bracketing the lower right hand corner.

This color version replaces the black and white toon posted previously. I changed the lettering to a font style to improve screen readability; if you click on the toon you can view a much larger version which still retains the hand lettering.

The cover photo on the 'Relativist Times' is of Terri Schiavo; the back cover is a photograph of an aborted child from the Priests for Life site.

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