Saturday, April 09, 2005

Toon 4/9/05

Events in Rome are affording me the excuse to display one or two drawings made a few years ago during a pilgrimmage with Chris to Vatican City. Today's 'cartoon' (in it's classical definition) features the bell which tolled at the end of the Pope's funeral. In the foreground to the left of the Basilica stands the large statue of Charlemagne. On scene sketching such as this is probably my favorite artistic activity and the one which I seem to do the least.

God bless and bring healing to Faithmouse fan Lyle Borrowman on the challenges to his health.

A belated nod to Denny and Rick at Red State Law for their kind comments about the cartoon.

Christian Preterist Virgil at Virgils Blog posted the most recent Terri Schiavo/John Paul II cartoon, which I very much appreciate. This particular toon is also posted on my imaginary itinerary for the redo it deserves.

Two more Terri Schiavo cartoons on the docket, including another with Terri and John Paul II.

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